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Best PPC Management Service In Pune

Pay-per-click advertising allows you to purchase top positions for relevant keywords on search engines and their partner websites. With varying PPC ad formats, you can reach your target audience in numerous ways. Our PPC  service allows you to utilize a full suite of paid advertising formats that deliver instant traffic to your site.

Strategic Options

With Search, Shopping, Display, Remarketing ads available, there are a variety of solutions to deliver the right message for your business.
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Specified Reach

Specified Reach

Whether you are a small, local shop or a global brand and targeting options allow you to choose exactly where your advertisements will be seen.
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Controlled Budget

Controlled Budget

PPC ads appear above organic search results and are at the top of the search page. Optimize your page to rank in organic search results.

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Increased Exposure

Increased Exposure

PPC advertisements appear above organic search results, putting you at the top of the search page (and the top of searchers’ minds).
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PPC Management Service

Online competitions are more complicated than ever. Targeted traffic attracts the right customers at every stage of the buying cycle. Imagine reaching your exact customer when they are looking for your exact product. Imagine wowing your customers with a personalized message and inviting them to visit your website where they are just a few clicks away from paying, increasing your profitability.

This is pay per click advertising (PPC). Show your prospects a targeted ad at the exact time they search.

Generating qualified traffic goes a lot deeper than creating a few ads and choosing a handful of keywords. It includes research, testing, customization, refinement, and in-depth scaling. Our PPC team has a proven process to help your company get started.

Text Ads

Text ads that appear above organic search results in a Google search provide search ads with a piece of information about your business and a link that can be used to call you on mobile devices.

  •  Text ads with a snippet of business information
  •  Link to call on mobile
  • above organic search results
PPC-Service-Text Ads

Display Ads

Visual advertisements that display across Google’s Display Network, Display ads can take the form of text, image, video, and rich media. More than 2 million sites are a part of Google’s Display Network, all of which have places on them that Display ads can appear.

For example, your Display ad might appear between paragraphs in an online news article, to the right side of a block of text on a blog, or in a bar at the bottom of a popular mobile app.

  • Text, image, video, or rich media advertisements
  • Appear across Google’s Display Network
  • Great for increasing brand awareness

Remarketing Ads

Have you ever visited a website – while considering the purchase of a product or to get more information about a service, only to have it follow you around the internet – from search engines to news articles, to social media in the following weeks? The advertisements you saw are remarketing ads, and you can create them too.

  • Appear only after you visit the website
  • Follow you across the web

Shopping Ads

Displayed above Google search results, Google Shopping ads include product images, prices, and store information.

  • Include product image, price, and merchant name
  • Appear above organic search results
  • High click-through rate

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